Dries Van Thourhout : Dries Van Thourhout is with the Silicon Photonics group of IMEC and also a full professor at Ghent University. His focus is on heterogeneous integration technologies on Silicon Photonics, including III-V on silicon (waferbonding and epitaxial), colloidal quantum dots on Silicon and different perovskites on Silicon. He has coordinated several EU-projects (FP6 PICMOS, FP7 WADIMOS, FP7 SMARTFIBER) and holds an ERC Starting Grant (ULPPIC) with focus on low power optical interconnects. He is (co)author of over 150 journal publications. He was involved in the start-up of CALIOPA.
Joris Van Campenhout: Joris Van Campenhout is program director of the Optical I/O industry-affiliation program at imec (Belgium), which targets the development of a scalable and industrially viable short-reach optical interconnect technology based on silicon photonics. Prior to joining imec in 2010, he was a post-doctoral researcher at IBM TJ Watson Research Center (USA), where he developed silicon electro-optic switches for chip-level reconfigurable optical networks. He obtained a PhD degree in Electrical Engineering from Ghent University (Belgium) in 2007, for his work on hybrid integration of electrically driven III-V microdisk lasers on silicon photonic waveguide circuits. Joris was awarded the IEEE Photonics Society Graduate Student Fellowship (USA) in 2007 and the Scientific Prize Alcatel Lucent Bell (Belgium) in 2008. He holds 3 patents and has authored or co-authored over 100 papers in the field of silicon integrated photonics.